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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I schedule a home inspection?

Typically you should schedule your home inspection scheduled as soon as possible after your offer has been accepted.  Per the contract, you only have a certain number of days to have inspections performed and you want to allow yourself time to obtain bids if necessary before submitting what is called your “inspection notice”.

How do I schedule a home inspection?

Give us a call at our office – 573-363-5511 or 417-893-0770 and any member of our staff can help you.

Can a house fail the inspection?

A home may have deficiencies which do not meet current standards set forth by the County or State which our inspection report may identify.  We are not a “code enforcer” meaning any deficiency may be noted but we have no authority to make anyone compliant.

When do I get the report?

We do our very best to have most components of our reports out the same evening.  It may be late, but we do try to get them out the same day.  When we are waiting for lab results – they can be forthcoming in the coming days.  A radon report will be a minimum of 48 hours as the machine needs to remain in the tested premises for a minimum of 48 hours.

How much does an inspections cost?

The cost of an inspection depends on the age of the residence or building, the square footage and the types of rooms involved.  It is best to contact our office for an accurate estimate.

Why does a home inspection cost so much?

On the big picture, the cost is very nominal.  A home – for 99% of the population, one of the largest investments you will make.  A lot of time and energy goes in to each and every report.  If just one semi-major deficiency is identified, it will more than cover the cost of that particular inspection.  Our inspections cost just hundreds were a realtor commission is in the thousands – yet all the liability rests upon on our report.  We have very expensive insurances and associated costs to properly perform our job, and 40 years of experience.  We are not just an “internet certified” inspection company whom in a former life may have been an insulation salesman.  That internet certificate does not teach that inspector about proper spans, point loads, etc., to adequately protect your interest prior to making such a large purchase.  We belong to two national organizations that require continuing education, three real estate boards, and Womens Council of Realtors all requiring dues to belong, office staff to answer our phones, vehicles, specialized tools, etc.  Being self employed, we do not have a “pension plan” healthy benefits, etc., , as one might find in a corporate environment.  So as the old saying goes, “you get what you paid for” rings true.  Our prices are competitive.  You can find plenty of inspectors who are less – but they will not have the experience, insurances, etc., that we do to protect you.  This is too important to bargin shop.

How do I pay the inspector?

You can pay with a credit card, debit card or personal check.

What will the inspection cover?

Depending on what inspections services you order.  Our mechanical/Structural Inspection covers 900 points at a minimum from foundation to roof and the systems found therein, ie. plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.  Our State Certified Septic Inspection is a separate 9 page report identifying all components of the system and determining if they meet State and County minimum Standards, if they are functioning as intended or need repairs or replacement.  These are just two examples.  Anyone of our staff would be delighted to explain any of our services in more detail, just give us a call.

Are there other inspections services I should consider?

A mechanical/Structural inspection at a minimum.  If there is a well and septic, I would recommend those as well.  In many cases, particularly near the Lake, there was no permitting or minimum standards determined prior to 1996.  One could bury a 55 gallon drum in the ground and call it a septic system.  To bring it current can costs as much as $15-20,0000.  It is better to know that up front before you are faced with such a dilemma.

How long will the Inspection take?

We work as a team in most cases and our average time spent on a job is 3 hours (6 man hours).  Some are considerably more, some less – again depending on which services we are performing for our client.

Should I be present during the Inspection?

We encourage our clients to attend although our reports are thorough enough you wouldn’t need to.  We are always available to answer any questions our clients may have before, during or after the inspection.

Why use our Services?

Once we are hired, we are on “your team”.  We will do everything we can to make sure you are well educated as to the condition of the property you are buying.  Knowledge is empowering.  We can help you determine what is a deal killer and what isn’t.  We are not out to be “popular” with the real estate agents – they want the deal to close regardless or they don’t get paid.  It is “easy” to overlook something if it means they wont get a paycheck.  Our philosophy is quite different.  We don’t want to dive under the clothes rack in Walmart if we see you because we provided a vague inspection.

Why can’t I have a family member who is very handy or a contractor friend, inspect my new home?

It is unlikely that a family member unless they have the same credentials we do can determine if the home has Radon, if the septic system meets the State or County minimum standards, if the electrical panel is properly sized, grounded, has double taps, etc.  We have the training and experience to see things that most overlook because they do not know what they are looking at.

Will you fix the problems you find during the inspection?

No, we do not make repairs.  We feel that could be a conflict of interest.  For example, we are licensed by the State of Missouri to install septic systems as part of the training we needed to do as a prerequisite to inspect them.  How convenient if we are there to inspect it – it doesn’t meet the minimum standard and ooh gee, we can fix it for you too!  We have no skin in the game, nothing to benefit by our findings.  A septic company may have an ulterior motive.

What if I have questions after the inspection?

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have before, during or after your inspection.  Our goal is to have our clients start out as clients and end as friends. 

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