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What all is in a Home Buyers Inspection

Your home buyers inspection will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge about your potential new, weekend or vacation home and provide an understanding of its components and systems, as well as home maintenance tips and information to help you protect your investment.

Our mission is to help you feel confident about your home purchase!

The home inspection, a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of the home at the time of the inspection, is one of the common contingencies of the real estate purchase agreement. The home inspector is usually hired by the buyer to examine the house thoroughly for non-functioning systems, damages, and repairs that may be needed. The homebuyer will rely on the findings from the inspection to continue with the purchase, renegotiate the sale price, allow the seller to make repairs, or for canceling the purchase together. A home inspection is recommended on all purchases; new construction and re-sales and is normally done within a certain number of days from the date of the contract.

All home sellers and buyers need to know that no house is perfect.  Even in a new home – there are bound to be some issues that a home inspection will uncover. That’s why we come in and thoroughly inspect each area and system of the home – and educate clients and Realtors in the process.  Pillar Premier Inspections wants you informed so that you know what to do in the event you need to address an issue. We also want you to be prepared and educated on how to care for your new home.

Our inspectors will be looking at, examining, and reporting on the following features of the home:

Exterior: Roof, siding, doors, windows, trim, foundation, crawlspace, decks, porches, sidewalks, driveway, garage and even the electrical lines coming to the home.

Interior: Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation, attic, doors, floors, stairways, counters, cabinets, random number of windows and electrical outlets, interior appliances, etc.

Your inspection report will answer all of your questions, including

  • Is the home safe?
  • Is everything operational this time?
  • Are there any small items that need to be repaired or replaced now to avoid future problems or expenses?
  • Were components installed properly and professionally?
  • Are there signs of potential failure of any components?

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