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Infrared Testing

With Thermal Imaging Technology, we’re able to help protect you against hidden problems and/or damages, no matter if you’re the seller, the buyer, or even just a diligent homeowner looking to make your home as efficient as possible.


Home Inspections have been, traditionally, visual inspections. This has been taken to mean visual to the human eye and readily seen.   When problems are suspected that cannot be detected by a standard visual, non-invasive inspection, thermal or infrared cameras can be used as a means to perform situational, non-destructive testing.

Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) is a non-invasive, non-destructive way of evaluating conditions below the surface.

Pillar Premier inspectors are trained in infrared thermal imaging to identify issues that are not visually evident.  This technology can be used in a variety of situations to detect problems before they become much larger issues. All objects have a surface temperature caused by emissivity. As the temperature changes, all the materials including drywall, wood, and sheathing material all change temperatures at different rates.  Pillar Premier inspectors can use infrared cameras to see these subtle variations in temperature. When there is moisture intrusion or missing insulation it shows as cold spots. When wiring or breakers are overheating they show up as hot spots. When our inspector scans they look for anomalies in patterns. Within these anomalies, there are usually problems that would otherwise be undetected.

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