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Lynn Creek, MO Mold Testing

Should I have mold testing done in my home or business?

Mold spores have been floating around in the Earth’s atmosphere since the beginning of time.  Every home has mold, and without it, the world wouldn’t be habitable for humans or animals. Mold is a natural part of the environment and plays an important role in breaking down dead organic matter like fallen trees and dead leaves.

Mold only becomes a problem when it begins to colonize and becomes an infestation. This is when it can cause health problems and begins causing property damage. This is when mold testing comes in. Mold testing can be added to a home inspection when respiratory problems emerge or when your home or business has been compromised by water damage.

Lake Ozarks Mold Testing will take samples of any areas where mold is visible and from any areas where moisture or water damage has been a problem in your Linn Creek home or business. Mold samples will be taken from these surfaces and from the air to determine what kind of mold exists.

Surface Mold Testing

What kind of testing best suits your needs?

Your Lake Ozark certified mold inspector will be looking for evidence of mold or “microbial” growth. Water intrusion and excess humidity can encourage mold growth. Lake Ozarks Mold Testing will test for current and former growth to determine if water intrusion is a factor. It is important to sample visible growth along with air samples to measure whether or not unwarranted exposure exists for you and your family.

When to have a surface sample taken:

  • When visible mold (or suspected mold) is present
  • Where a cleanup or removal of visible mold took place
  • When a third party will be involved in effecting repairs to ensure those repairs are done properly

Mold Testing – Indoor Air Quality

Air samples can tell you if you have hidden moisture or leaks that are producing spores that may represent a health risk to you and your family. Lake Ozark mold testing professionals will determine the number of air samples that will be taken inside the home and will obtain an outdoor air sample to use as a baseline or control sample.

When you should consider an Indoor Air Quality Mold Test:

  • When a recent or past water event is suspected
  • A “musty” smell is noticed
  • An occupant of the home is predisposed to respiratory distress
  • Recent mold remediation took place and you want to verify the effectiveness
  • When you have general concerns about the house you are purchasing
  • When the home sat vacant for an extended period of time
  • A major water event historically is suspected
  • This service becomes especially important when there is a suspected mold issue and a home inspection was not performed

It’s not uncommon for a standard home inspection to note that fungal growth was found in a certain area that might require additional investigation. A mold-specific inspection and test; however, should be done by a certified and licensed mold inspector. All Pillar Premier Home Inspections are certified to provide mold-testing services and will recommend mold testing if there are any indications that there may be a mold issue in the home.

Pillar Premier Inspections Knows Mold

Lake Ozark Mold Testing, a subsidiary of Pillar Premier Inspections, can alleviate the distress Linn Creek, MO homeowners experience when discovering mold in their homes. To include mold testing with your home inspection, call our office today for more information or to schedule mold testing. Lake Ozark – (573) 363-5511 or Springfield – (417) 893-0770  


Mold on ceiling in a Linn Creek residence shown.
Mold on ceiling in a Linn Creek residence left vacant for two weeks. Testing the air quality of your home is important for the health and safety of you and your family.
Fungal growth on a ceiling in Linn Creek shown.
Fungal growth on a ceiling in Linn Creek.
Leaky roof with mold under soffit
Under a roof appears to have a leak and caused some mold growth.