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Are Insect Inspections A Must?

Pillar Premier Inspections will evaluate the home’s exterior; identify any signs of termite activity as well as conditions conducive to termites or other infestations during a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection.

Visible evidence of termites presently destroying wood of a home.
Termites can be a huge problem. Call Pillar Premier Inspections to get your insect inspection today.

Any time you buy, sell, or re-finance a home, a Wood Destroying Insect Report is often a requirement. A WoodDestroying Insect Report is used to document the presence or absence of wooddestroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, etc.) in structures that are for sale.

The presence of insects could break your deal of the sale of your home if a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report is not present to the buyer. It is important to have all the facts of any home and any surprises along the way could be the last straw. Knowing ahead of time that there is insect activity can help the seller and the buyer to assess and fix the situation before the sale. In conclusion, it does make sense and a must to include a wood destroying insect inspection with any home inspection.

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